You Work, I Work, WeWork*

As I reflect on my journey so far, it's been almost 6 months as a newbie at this global coworking company: WeWork. Wow, time flies as I'm already into my 3rd full time job since graduating just over 2 years ago!

Life in the fast lane surely comes with loads of turbulence. You better fasten your seat belts for its gonna be a bumpy ride ahead of the promised land. I joined with no prior knowledge whatsoever of real estate and coworking, having come from a Marketing & Management background.

Me being me, I always relish a challenge and wanted to join a global company with a local startup environment.

As those shiny glass doors opened and I stepped in with enthusiasm, my adventure started. The usual (school boy orientation stuff) beginning process was a blend of new practices and new work culture. I am based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where there is a healthy mix of locals and foreigners trying to make their cut in life. I was back to the office life, the only difference is that this is a 5 star luxury hotel literally! Equatorial Plaza located on Jalan Sultan Ismail is a beautiful place to work at along with close proximity to the LRT, MRT and Monorail. The space blew me away, from the shiny pantry, pristine bathrooms to the countless meeting rooms and phone booths aplenty, I was spoilt for choice on where to sit. Everyday, I can actually choose a different spot with a different vibe simply based on my mood. We have hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices and many breakout areas to work from. Then the real work starts...

Sales. Clients. Rejections. Follow Ups. Success.

"Rinse and repeat this formula and you will find success in your targets, Dharshanth"

That was the advice given as I met a whole plethora of clients with a variety of wants and needs. There were many challenging clients with unrealistic expectations and lovely clients whom became our members at the same time. One thing new for me was sitting in a "sales gallery" and waiting for clients to come visit our space where I would tour and help them find the best solution for their office requirements. There were peak times when I could not catch my breath with multiple tours and other times a ghost town with so few tours. The difference was that in my previous 2 jobs, I would go on the field and source for potential clients which required a lot more outside meetings, canvassing and events.

After almost 6 months, I have gratefully achieved along with my team a total of 150 desks and counting. Despite being in a noisy marketplace with many friends of the coworking industry being neighbors with you, I enjoy the challenge to bring in more people to the largest coworking company in the world!

Wait isn't WeWork going bust?

I knew that was on your mind as the media had a frolicking time bashing us in the entire Q4 last year. What a tumultuous time we had with many naysayers questioning our concept, existence and finances. All valid concerns at the time. Just like any large organization with a clear goal, we steadied the ship by rooting out the waste, rightsizing and by getting help from sources where necessary. So, be rest assured that we are now on steady waters as like a damsel in distress came Mr Softbank and his fat wallet. As to Malaysia, we have 2 beautiful locations with around 40 locations in South East Asia alone. Sustainable growth is the song we are singing in 2020 and this trickles down to the staff and the members in our space. I am refreshed to getting more clients to experience what I am experiencing on a daily basis.

WeWork x Dharshanth:

Dear self, I want to continuously improve my sales skills whilst gaining invaluable knowledge on the property market in Greater Kuala Lumpur and the flexi working concept. I also want to work closer to my respective functions to bring better stronger clients to our space.

After all, we should all do what you love?

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