United we stand, divided we fall

With the year coming to a close, I look forward with great eagerness towards 2017. The possibilities and opportunities that await us are endless. However, before we look ahead, this is a great time to reflect back on the year and more specifically, the past one month. My journey with Swiftcow.my has been a fun and interesting ride so far, with many ups and downs along the way.

This week, we engaged in a field trip assignment with our colleagues. We were tasked with doing price checking and range tracking in regards to our product range. Here, we teamed up in 3 teams of pairs and split the categories to check equally among ourselves. I then decided on the modus operandi where teamwork was key as both persons play an important role to ensure their partnership was efficient. Once all the information was gathered, we diligently transcribed it into usable information on Microsoft Excel. Then, all the collective data was sent to Operations for data crunching and further analysis.

Although this might sound like a lot of work, I got to spend more time with my colleagues on a personal level as we had more casual conversations outside the work environment. This helped me to open up as well as make stronger connections with people of different mindsets. Besides, I also evolved into Operations as I'm helping out with Lazada orders. I ensure the online Lazada Seller System is constantly updated, print all necessary invoices and send PODs (proof of deliveries) to the respective person in charge.

In a nutshell, every day is a new learning curve for me and gets even better when we learn collectively as a team, the Swiftcow.my team.

Happy New Year to all!

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