Let your wings fly!

I am a person who enjoys trying new things and facing different experiences. Here at Swiftcow.my, we go through good and bad times where we learn valuable life lessons. This week, I was tasked with planning and executing a flyer distribution assignment to 2 places in Kuala Lumpur. I started off with Puchong where the target was around 20,000 flyers to be handed out to residents of apartments and condominiums. The objective was to increase awareness of our service and eventually drive sales via conversion.

I began my initiative with leading my team of 3 to complete our area on the checklist. Among the many buildings we targeted, we encountered some issues. We faced some trouble from the management and security team as they disapproved despite us explaining our efforts. We persevered with this standstill to ensure our progress was not stalled. Our team ploughed through with various means to get around it. As a result, we became more efficient as the days progressed. This proves that practice makes perfect.

After all, experience is always the best teacher.

This week, I faced an interesting customer service experience. There was an order for a customer which we needed to update regarding the delivery time. Little that I knew, the phone number given belonged to a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and our guests were travelling foreigners. So, we liaised via email and social media to eventually get through to the customer. This mini experience opened up my eyes to the variety of situations that can potentially arise. We are taught here at Swiftcow.my, to embrace each and every thing that comes our way.

Till next week till we meet again and let our young yet powerful wings soar again!
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