It is just the beginning…..

Week 10 has arrived so fast! This is my final week of my internship here at

I have enjoyed many ups and downs during my adventure here. There have been many friendships and battles at the same time. As always, we are taught to hold our heads up high and be confident in every scenario we face. has given me a trailer of how full time work will look like. The tasks we faced and conquered here were definitely full time employee worthy. For example, we had to distribute 100000 flyers to 4 parts of Klang Valley on a shoestring budget and organize a sponsorship of an annual university event in a short span notice. Here, we are pushed out of our comfort zone all the time and it is for good reason too.

Next time, there will be no mountain too high, no ocean too deep and definitely no obstacle too large to overcome.

As the week was winding down, so was I in terms of completing all my remaining daily tasks and assignments. I cleared up the list compiled for missing images of our products on our website. Besides, I also provided a full analysis of the survey responses received and also performed profit and revenue analysis for the month of January. The add on work I had was to help compile a list of all complaints and feedback regarding our concierge team. This was given to Operations along with suggestions for our riders and shoppers to improve their performance.

Lastly, we all took part in creating a viral video for On Friday, we did the Mannequin Challenge. All members of our team totalling 20 people joined the fun in the making of the video. We all had to stay absolutely still and hold our pose as we each had a role to play in creating a scene. For example, mine was to hold out chocolates to a girl while she was in deep conversation with another guy. Cool huh? Eventually, after 5 retakes, we got the perfect video ready to be released on our social platforms. This was an awesome way to sign off my internship, as we enjoyed the teamwork for one last time. Once all the photos and handshakes were over, we finally bid our goodbyes.

Till next time…..

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