Is the countdown over?

For the past so many years, I have been celebrating new year’s eve by doing the similar thing. Have a family dinner, catch up with close friends, watch the fireworks, take photos, make resolutions and repeat. Sounds like the same old boring routine right?

Well, my 2017 is different because this time I have a brilliant opportunity to work with!

My resolution was simple: Stay focused, stay motivated!

This small, yet powerful quote continues to keep me going while the going gets tough. This week, we have been overwhelmed with an increasing number of projects and assignments. This equals increased amount of effort needed by each individual. As a small team, quality trumps quantity anytime. So, instead of groaning about it, we bit our teeth and persevered to achieve successful completion of our work.

This week, my tasks included Chinese New Year marketing initiatives. I was in charge of our promotion in Lazada, an online marketplace. I updated all the active products to the list whilst removing around 400 inactive products. We had around 2000 live products that were placed under promotional price to attract customers and increase sales. Besides, I had my hands full with daily activities like customer service, ensuring Lazada orders are updated and helping in the creative content section.

I also wrote a blog that provides useful information to office goers which increases brand awareness of Moreover, I was tasked with planning our flyer distribution to housing areas in various parts of Klang Valley. This is an ongoing task as the area keeps expanding and we want to target the right profiles. We target to send out over 100,000 flyers via our riders and members of our team. It is an inspired work in progress as we are still sorting out the logistics of this operation. As always, we have full trust in ourselves and all our teammates in ensuring successful completion of this project.

Therefore, as you have seen we keep pushing and striving for the best and the countdown never stops at!

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