Is this a science research blog? Surely not! Excellence equals mental character and charisma.

What gibberish did I just read above? A formula for success in the literal sense? Let us find out more about this formula. See, we have always been taught from young to be physically strong to protect ourselves from worldly dangers. In recent times, we have started to develop better social awareness which translates into mental strength to deal with various kinds of characters in this world. So, how is good mental strength developed?

It is one part down to a person’s personality. People that are generally optimistic, passionate and positive on their task load are usually better at handling tough situations at work and at home. This is due to their exposure to dealing with rejections, anger, resentment and the like. Besides, one should have the inner belief in themselves to overcome any problem put forward. This trait builds resilience and trains one to hustle. We are always encouraged to get out of our comfort zone at Swiftcow.my to conquer various challenges out there. Therefore, both these traits are designed to constantly evolve and further develop our mental strength.

The challenges I faced this week was completing 2 overdue tasks that were simple to understand, yet time consuming to execute due to its quantity. The first task was to calculate a profit analyses for our company. This helps determine if we are on the right track in terms of monthly growth. The next task involved data crunching where I needed to upload 400 images that were missing from our Lazada Seller Center. It had to fit a specification size of 500*500 to 2000*2000. As I was busy helping the Operations team with grocery orders, I left this task till quite the last minute. So, I had it upon me to complete this within 3 hours as it was approaching the end of office day. Eventually, when I saw the tally go down to '0', I managed to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Today, I faced an innocent customer request for the availability of a certain product. This transcended into a full enquiry that included online searches, 10 calls to various suppliers and distributors across Malaysia and full understanding of the start to end process of the customer purchase experience. In a nutshell, all these experiences were only fruitful once I applied the E=mc2 formula.

Trust the formula!
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