Quality not Quantity

This week was key as we are fast approaching the festive period which translates into work, work and more work. The marketing campaigns on various platforms are up and running as well as our multiple ongoing promotions. That is when the viral season strikes with all its ferocity. As a team, when one or more members are down and out, we naturally become flabbergasted. The general consensus is to feel sad and sorry for ourselves.

NOT at Swiftcow.my!

Here, we join forces and pick each other up to overcome whatever obstacle that comes our way. We doubled our efforts for our fallen friends and ensured the system is still a well-oiled machine. Tasks such as customer service and operations knows no rest. We also had to continue our marketing initiatives in regards to sponsoring events and roadshows, as well as conducting a multilingual article for a press release.

One may have heard of those brotherhood and sisterhood ties in fraternities and sororities. In comparison, ours goes far deeper. Let me tell you, the bonds we have forged a fortnight ago with relative strangers have grown into an unbreakable bond united with one goal.

We all want to consistently improve Swiftcow.my, regardless of the day, time and situation we are in!

Be that 1 in a million!
Be that 1 in a million!

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