Naughty or Nice

What comes to your mind when one says: “Hey people, let’s have a party!”?

You may either shy away, ignore or even embrace the idea. The level of excitement differs for all people as the context of the “party” is consumed in various means. As Christmas is around the corner, everyone is feeling excited this festive season. So, Santa decided to grace us with a merry time right here at

This delight was seen by our exuberant scenes during our Christmas party. We had a Secret Santa where we gifted each other presents with the best part being; guessing who gifted it to us. There was also loads of food, drinks and laughter. I enjoyed the games the most, where we had to do crazy things like who can hold their breath the longest, etcetera. We also saw our boss in a new light as his fun side was exposed for all to witness.

In all the merriment, we still kept our discipline and concentration to complete our daily duties such as customer service, SMS marketing and more. The key learning curve I experienced was having a meeting with a university society in discussing the terms and conditions for to sponsor their top annual event. I too make mistakes but I always rectify it by discussing with my colleagues and senior staff and then ensuring I do not repeat it again.

When you fall, fall hard. In fact, fall so hard even 6 feet deep that you would never ever want to fall again!
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