All Systems Go!

As employers working for employees in an organization, we strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Did you read that right? Yes, you indeed did.

I believe in a healthy two way relationship. Thus, we can ensure in keeping everyone on their toes and ready for service at all times. Time and again, we hear the old adage that left hand should talk to right hand and vice versa. Yes, agreed but it is even more important to be clear and concise so that execution of a task is done smoothly with minimal hindrances.

This week, I was in charge of updating and reporting Lazada Seller Center. So, just like in every assignment, we always plan and ensure all possible scenarios are thought off before beginning the job at hand. This is done to make steady progress with quality results as our achievement target.

I started off my day with opening up the online system that contains all the data base regarding Lazada orders and analytics. Then, I print the daily invoices for the orders incoming which includes one copy for our customers and one for our documentation. I place and separate the invoices by location for ease of use for our riders. Then, I change the status from ‘pending’ to ‘ready to ship’. Above and beyond, it is under Lazada’s control to change it to ‘delivered’. Then as the day goes, I patiently receive the soft copy and hard copy of the signed invoices. Once verified that customer has signed and placed identification number, then I know that our customer has received his or her goods. I proceed to compile and send them to the person in charge of collecting PODs (proof of deliveries). After that, I manually update our Microsoft Excel records to verify each and every order is successfully delivered. In the event there is an excessive backlog, then I will have to trace back the invoice and liaise direct with our riders to ensure they have updated their part.

All in all, it is a very technical yet simple process once you get the hang of the system. In our line of work at where accuracy and efficiency are pivotal, one must know the entire system in and out. We are also advised to always make use of existing data.

Make it simple!
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