5 tips for relaxation

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Ok, take a second there to pause and reflect. Are you truly at peace with yourself?

Even he is contemplating that question.....

Let's explore 5 easy tips to pick up to ensure you achieve a better mood today. What are you waiting for, read on.....

Ever hear the flight attendants telling us to "place the oxygen mask over yourself before attending to those under your care"?

Logic of life is simple too, you must always prioritize yourself to ensure you in a happy state of mind in order to positively impact those around your life!

1. Get sufficient sleep

Remember when we were young, our parents told us to get bed early and yet we rebelled that notion wholeheartedly. It seems that they were actually instilling in us a habit of getting sufficient sleep in order to function well the next day. It is highly recommended that we get 8 hours of beauty sleep. Besides the science mumbo jumbo, what is better then winding down after a long day, having beautiful dreams, knocking off and waking up like a spring chicken the next day?

2. Listen to music

It really does not matter if you like head banging metal or old school jazz, music is a universal language. We all have our own preferences to sign along too. It is the perfect remedy to get your mind distracted from the troubles of the present. What's even better is listening to music with your family and friends and even having a sing along session. So, grab you headphones, turn on your speakers and immerse yourself in the genre of your choice!

3. Eat a good meal

Now, doesn't that look yummy for your tummy? Humans live to eat, not eat to live I strongly believe. Go and splurge on a tasty treat because you deserve it, be it local cuisine or fine dine. That are many options to try from delicious chocolate cake to spicy nasi lemak, fresh salmon, juicy steak, gelato and many more. Just don't forget to burn them calories off the next day!

4.Go sing & dance

When was the last you let yourself loose? There is no shame in gathering your close friends or your loved ones for a night out. Whether you are a professional performer or a bathroom singer, it is always a good idea to go party. Singing and dancing to the tunes are a great way to burn them calories whilst having a good laugh with your friends.

*Just keep in mind NOT to overdo the substance abuse if any!

5. Play sports

Ah, the fun of playing a game of sport. Pick from football, badminton, tennis and many others and you are bound to have a sweaty fulfilling time with your friends. The health benefits are obvious for all to see. More importantly, we get to enjoy the banter with our peers when we lose and win in the game. In the end, it is all about camaraderie because sports teaches us the fundamental thing in life which is to work well with others in this world!

So, now I challenge you to go out there and attend to yourself first before you attend to those around you!
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