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meet dharshanth devendran

Dharshanth Devendran is recognized as an upcoming Public Speaking expert on how to help others on the Internet.

In more than 20 years growing up, he has built a passionate experience for public speaking and is ready to share more on his websites. Over the years, Dharshanth Devendran has refined his 3-Point speaking strategy that has helped many express their passion, gain confidence and live the “freedom to express” lifestyle. His speaking strategy has been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing as a natural speaker.


As one of the upcoming speakers in the world, Dharshanth Devendran has gained valuable experience in his professional sales job, being a debater, an active Toastmaster and now a freelance coach, he is continuing to hone his skills and wants you to be on this journey of positive life long self-growth together!

Dharshanth Welcomes You


Speaking strategy blueprint

Ever wondered how you can transform your speaking ability without prior knowledge, experience and skill?

Get behind the scenes of the thought process, the strategies, imaging, copy and examples of the exact strategies itself… so that you can instantly deploy them regardless of what background you are in and what level of experience you have before this.

Speaking Strategy Blueprint
Proven Coaching Level 1
proven coaching (level 1)​

The ‘Proven Coaching (Level 1)’ Is exposing the entire system to speaking, planning, and creating great presentations without spending more of your time, doing any hard research, or needing tons of experience!

Watch the videos now to see for yourself why public speaking strategies are the new reasons for you to regain your confidence back.

proven coaching (level 2)​

Imagine having the ability to go on any platform, whether it’s through a sales meeting, team presentations, or live events, and present in a way that’s powerful.

Have your audience hanging on your every word and get them wanting to believe in whatever it is that you have to offer by the end of your presentation. Discover how you can make that happen in this 10-series training module prepared specially for that.



Now on Sale

New Arrivals

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Speakers Intensive



Now on Sale

New Arrivals

25% Off

Proven Coaching Level 2
Speakers Intensive​

Learn the Strategies to Build, Grow and Advance Your Speaking Talent

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to take a laptop and an internet connection, merge them together and build a confident speaking journey from them?

Find out how you can take what you know, your knowledge, your life experience and develop your life story into something that you can easily share with others to create a bigger impact with the exact steps from Dharshanth Devendran, which will make all the difference in your personal and professional life.

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